A Month of Blessings and Benefits

Ramadan is the month of blessings; it is a chance to show your affection and respect towards Allah.  One can have lots of benefits in this month, well not only this month is meant for prayers and Ibadah. The real purpose of this month is Quran because it was revealed in this holy month and advised to recite frequently in Ramadan. Month is like an opportunity to get back to Allah and start a life without sins. It is the best time to serve humanity and avoid from harsh attitude towards other fellows.

One should fear that whether their good deeds will be accepted by Allah or not. Give charity perform prayers and serve best to the humanity. This is the ultimate purpose of life and so of Ramadan. Al Hijaz Tours is giving special discount on Hajj and Umrah Packages this year.

The whole atmosphere in Ramadan makes us feel closer to Allah. And that is the most soothing feeling in the world. It is like you know that someone is out there listening to you every time you call, responding on your each and every word, the one and only aware of your situations and conditions. We trust him that we will be forgiven and rewarded. It brings spiritual peace at one’s heart.

So, this year make your Ramadan the way it should, recite and understand the holy book of Quran. Follow the teachings which our Prophet (PBUH) have taught  us, learn more about the truth and righteousness and promise yourself to be on right path rest of your life. As we avoid anger and arguments, it rouses the sense of self control and self evaluation in us, analyze your every deed and seek forgiveness of Allah the Almighty.


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